Tammie Ryan (1)

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Tammie Ryan


Membership level: Service Members

First name: Tammie

Last name: Ryan

Phone: 541-815-1027


Website: http://97754

Act/Service Description:
We offer all day attractions for fairs and festivals. STEM/STEAM based. All of our attractions are family based, designed to run 8 to 10 hours per day and come with trained staff to assist the public. We now have "touchless" - interactive options available as well as following the CDC guidelines. We have been building and producing exhibits/attractions for over 25 years. We know family based attractions. Custom builds as well as Puzzlemania, The Original Fun with Physics, Barnyard Adventure and The Backyard.

Category: Attractions

Information/Flyers: 2 files

Booking Agency: The Source Management Group

Booking Agency Contact Name: Tammie Ryan

Booking Agency Contact Email: tammie@supersciencecompany.com

Booking Agency Contact Phone: 541-815-1027
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