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Joe Krathwohl


Membership level: Service Members

First name: Joe

Last name: Krathwohl

Phone: 702-896-4274



Act/Service Description: Huge condors, colorful macaws, prehistoric hornbills and cassowary, graceful cranes, and even our huge comical pelicans can be enjoyed during this natural behavior-based show. The Birdman is the #1 choice in avian entertainment. An all positive reinforcement-based show which takes you on a journey never before experienced in a portable show. What sets The Birdman apart from zoo bird shows is his unique mix of spectacular bird stunts coordinated with education-filled storytelling. The show is entertaining, educational, informative, and spectacular all while supporting habitat preservation and condor conservation. A must-see show!

Category: Animal Attractions


Booking Agency: Birds n Beasts Inc.

Booking Agency Contact Name: Joe Krathwohl

Booking Agency Contact Email:

Booking Agency Contact Phone: 702-896-4274
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