Heather Pearl (1)

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Heather Pearl


Membership level: Service Members

First name: Heather

Last name: Pearl

Phone: 503-358-3441

Website: http://97217

Act/Service Description:
Joy and delight in action! Pearl performs both walk around and stage shows. She has dozens of stilt characters to match the theme of your fair. Her stage show is full of magic, circus arts and gets the children involved. Performances are visual and adaptable for covid sensitivity and keeping distances. Smiles are needed more than ever, and Heather Pearl knows how to spread them!

Category: Entertainers - Variety

Information/Flyers: 1 file

Booking Agency Contact Name: Heather Pearl

Booking Agency Contact Email: heatherpearlcromie@yahoo.com

Booking Agency Contact Phone: 503-358-3441

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